Cara has attended both of my home births as an amazing support and solid rock. My second birth was brought on so quickly and intensely that without her by my side talking me down and helping me breath I wouldn't have felt the power to slow down the intense pushing my body was doing on its own. Without her I wouldn't have felt the strength I needed to get through the final stages of my labor, to slow down and just let it happen.

  Although born perfectly healthy, my son did develop a need to go to the hospital within 12 hours of being born, and Cara was there again empowering both my husband and I, helping us feel the power and strength we needed before walking through those hospital doors. Helping us to stay in control and calm and reminding us that it is our baby and we are ultimately in charge. She stayed by our side until almost 3 in the morning giving us support until we felt okay to be on our own and try to get some rest. Every time we needed her she was right there without question always beaming her amazing light of calmness, love, compassion, and undeniable care for us all.  Although she wasn't the only midwife at my birth and by our sides, she was by far one of the biggest and most important person that was by my side during such a huge part of my life.

  Without a doubt, if i ever bring another baby into the world, she will be there again. Thank you!                                                   -Sara Speziale

When I knew I was pregnant, there was one thing I knew with certainty and that was that I wanted Cara Frantz at my birth. I've had the privilege of working with Cara for several years and watched her interact with her clients and our colleagues. She met each interaction with presence, authenticity, and soul. I can think of no better attributes to have beside me as I grew and birthed our baby. As prenatals began, it confirmed my feelings. Cara was deliberate in her communication, gentle and thorough in her craft and always met me in soul. She embodies the most beautiful combination of professional midwifery skills and holder of sacred space. The day of my daughters birth was perfect. I had an amazing midwifery team including Cara. Her presence met me, her confidence in birth and in me assured me that I could stay present and connected through every moment. When I started to pull away she pulled me back. My baby was born safely in the water into caras loving arms. I cannot imagine a better entry. Cara, I am so grateful to you!

                                          - Dr. Julie Newman

During my three nights and two days of unproductive labor at Trillium Waterbirth Center, I was in the care of a number of midwifery students as well as my own midwife.  Cara's words and way with me in the middle of the third, most difficult night of my life, were the comfort and strength that I so desperately needed. She reminded me of my own ability to persevere, and more importantly, to remain connected to my baby who was also struggling.

 I asked for her to stay with me for the remainder of the night, (although the protocol was that the students took two hour shifts).  She was by my side into the following day when I had to be transferred to the hospital for an emergency cesarean. I believe that Cara and I both understood, silently, that she was the guiding force that was keeping me grounded through the incredibly painful, and increasingly dangerous situation.

 I have reflected many times on her seemingly angelic presence in my darkest hours. Thank you for leading us "into the light." -Marla Dentino

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Cara Frantz -Midwife-

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