A midwife [should possess] a lady's hand, a hawk's eye, a lion's heart  -Aristotle

Your Sacred Nest

I become somewhat speechless when it comes to birthing your child at home...it is such a space of feeling, and not words.​

Comfort, safety, knowing your surroundings so well that your protective logical brain can more simply melt away, allowing for your body and intuitive self to take over.  Labor is a time for "going into your cave"  into the depths of oneself to bring forth the new life. For a lot of mother's this cave is more easily dropped into at home.  Having your own bathroom, linens, images, and smells. The ease of curling up into your own bed with your new baby, while the midwives & family clean up your space, bring you food, & you (as a new mama) do not have to pack-up and go anywhere.  Having a true "lying-in experience."

Baby Jackson


Delivering your baby at home is very sacred and also, requires a family to be self responsible, communicate openly, and trusting in themselves, partners, & midwives.  By choosing to birth at home a family recognizes that they are in a comfort environment

that allows the birth to innately happen more naturally, most of the time leading to a more safe & easy birth.  However, no midwife can promise a risk-free birth, and being at home usually means you are further away from a hospital should intervention be needed.  A family needs to trust their midwife's ability to gauge safety, and abide by her decision to go into the hospital if she believes that to be necessary.

I had a knowing, that there was no other place that I would birth my babies, even with my first.  This is true for a lot of mother's, however, some aren't sure and need to take their time really researching and most importantly...really diving in deeply into their intuition to know... 'where is the place that they feel most safe, from a primal space, so that they can truly surrender to the organic birthing process' 

I do believe that birth can be a beautiful and empowering journey, where ever one chooses, with the right preparation and nurturing.  As a midwife my goal is to bond with the families that  I serve, that I may be a guide and an educator to allow them the empowerment of making their best decisions about their pregnancy, delivery & parenting.   To hold the space for them by creating a safe container for the journey that is theirs!​  With a 'lady's hand, a hawk's eye, & a lion's heart.​  

Sophia Jean, 7/6/11

Comfort from Midwife & Doula Kitty, while in birth pool

Cara Frantz, Midwife Ashland Oregon

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Cara Frantz -Midwife-

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